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Antardwand (Hindi Film / Bollywood Movie / Indian Cinema DVD) [DVD]

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Delhi University. A romance. An accidental pregnancy. And
the act of announcing this to his conservative parents is just the beginning
of the explosion of emotions and events that Antardwand unfolds. The boy-
Raghuveer who has just appeared for his Civil Services exams is admonished by
his father against marrying his pregnant girlfriend in Delhi. Distraught and
defenseless Raghu terminates his visit home in the interiors of Bihar and
leaves for Delhi. But before he could get out of the village he gets anducted
by another headstrong and ambitious father of a girl wanting to have a
potential IAS officer as his son-in-law. The boy is forcibly married off at
gun point much against his and the girl's own wishes. Once married, they are
locked up in a room for days end till they consummate their marriage and
accept each other completely.... but do they accept each other in the face of
inevitability? Review Based on a true story, ANTARDWAND captivates you with
its simple yet shocking tale. Director Sushil Rajpal narrates a poignant story
with precision. He has thrown light on a rampant issue of groom abduction
which not many might be aware of. The twists throughout the film keep you
hooked and enthralled. Sushil keeps an open ending which is real at the same
time disturbing.It's full of some wonderful scenes. Janki, in a bid to lure
Raghuveer compares her name to Raghuveer's girlfriend Sia, saying that they
mean the same. Watching Raghuveer getting married while he's asleep is
hilarious as well as flummoxing.After GULAAL, Raj Sigh Chaudhary gives another
strong performance. Swati Sen is impressive. Akhilendra Mishra gets into his
character perfectly. Vinay Pathak's performance is striking.ANTARDWAND is a
must watch for its heart rending story and strong performances. The drama comes live with competent performances from the
entire cast. Raj Singh Chaudhary as the powerless and victimized groom is
believable. Swati Sen is exceptionally good in her emotional act. Akhilendra
Mishra has an authoritative and imposing presence. His character gives him
enough scope to get dramatic and thankfully he doesn't ham like his usual
tendency. Vinay Pathak is efficient in his small part. Jaya Bhattacharya and
Sumukhi Pendse lend good support. Antardwand completely redefines the term
'wedlock' showing a face of the supposed democratic country where even today
guns decide grooms.