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Chakk De Phatte Punjabi Movie [DVD]

by NA
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Review A star studded event with the entire star cast of 'Chakk De Phatte', a
raputurous comical thriller hitting the theatres presently, marked the rather
exciting pre- view of the movie as the comedy kings including Jaspal Bhatti,
Gurpreet Ghuggi, Jaswinder Bhalla, Vivek Shauq, Savita Bhatti and BN Sharma
teamed up for the curtain raiser at Fun Republic, Chandigarh here on Thursday.
The movie being produced by noted actor director Sameep Kang under Sameep Kang
Productions promises a rare display of hilarious comedy and a plot woven
around drama of idiosyncrasies and typical Punjabi characters' yearning for
marrying a rich NRI girl. Addressing a gathering of media persons ahead of the
pre view, entire star cast of 'Chakk De Phatte' led by top notch comedians
Jaspal Bhatti, Gurpreet Ghuggi and others shared their experiences and hopes
from the movie. Lead actor and director Sameep Kang informed that the movie is
the first such venture which show cases the best comical talent pitted against
each other. The movie also features actress Mahie Gill in the lead,
notwithstanding the torrent of laughter by a galaxy of comedians which is
going to be a sure shot hit, asserted Kang. Elaborating upon the storyline,
Kang added that the movie essentially revolves around a bunch of idiotic and
gullible characters hell bent upon marrying a rich NRI girl, a character being
played by Mahie Gill who is complementing their wish by nurturing hopes for a
Punjabi born and bred bridegroom. The sequence of events and scenes revolve
around their pursuits for Mahie. Sameep Kang, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Jaswinder
Narula and Vivek Shauq all tend to outwit and outdo each other for Mahie even
as Jaspal Bhatti, playing a cop, weaves a plot of his own by falling in love
with Mahie's aunt, a hilarious character being played by Savita Bhatti. As the
drama unfolds, the intertwinded situations, plots and characters who are
failures in their lives otherwise bring the situations to most comical
climaxes. Even as the proverbial jackpot being sought to be hit by the
characters remains a mystery to be unraveled by viewers, the drama itself has
the potential to send audiences into a pool of laughter. The movie which is co
directed by Kshitij Chaudhary, added Devinder Sandhu, the Producer, is a
light, entertaining movie without any serious overtones except for the message
to shun social bigotry and lust for easy gateaways to riches and fame.
Entertainment, as the title 'Chakk De Phatte' conveys, is the overwhelming
essence and what follows is the riot of laughter and tickling stuff, added
Sandhu. Jaspal Bhatti, while answering to a query, likened fibre of 'Chak De
Phatt' to 'Mahaul Theek Hai', a hit Punjabi comedy which was immensely
appreciated by comedy loving Punjabis across the world. We hope to achieve
even greater response this time with a much more bolstered team in form of
Ghuggi, Jaswinder Bhalla and Vivek Shauq who all have their own fan following.
Ghuggi said he was excited as the movie promises what fans and cinegoers
expect from cinema now a days- entertainment unplugged and unbridled.
--Punjabi News Online