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Minimum Order $50 & Get 10% Off (Use Code: GET10) or Minimum Order $100 & Get 20% Off (Use Code: GET20)

Visit and Apply SUPERSKIN10 for Extra 10% Off!!

Parachute Naturalz 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 6.8 fl.oz. Glass Jar (200ml) - USDA certified, Cooking Oil

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SKU SOI-03426
  • 1.ALL NATURAL, ALL GOOD: Parachute Naturalz 100% Organic Virgin Coconut oil, USDA certified, is extracted from the finest natural coconuts harvested manually using the cold-pressed technique to conserve the natural potency, flavor, and aroma of real coconuts. Packed in a glass jar to ensure zero chemical interaction, and to keep purity, aroma, and stability of oil pristine.
  • 2.RADIANT SKIN AND HEALTHY HAIR: Great moisturizer and conditioner, Naturalz Organic Virgin Coconut oil can independently provide many benefits to skin and hair. With its antioxidant properties, it encourages the skin rejuvenation process and prevents hair and skin from further damage.
  • 3.ONE OIL MANY USES: Keto, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, paleo, etc. whatever diet plan you follow, Parachute Naturalz fits effortlessly in it. Use it for baking, salad dressing, or deep frying. Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) present in oil makes it healthier and suitable for daily consumption.
  • 4.PETS ARE FAMILY TOO: Not only for you, but Parachute Naturalz is as good for your pets too. From keeping their health intact, it also helps in improving skin conditions of pets like itchy and dry skin. Regular use of oil makes their coats look glossier and shiner.
  • 5.ABOUT THE BRAND: Parachute Naturalz is the flagship brand of Marico, mainly dealing in virgin coconut oil. Naturalz uses the cold-pressed technique to extract oil from the finest natural coconuts to sustain the nutrient composition during extraction process. With this Parachute Naturalz, believes in providing 100% Organic Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil worldwide.

Skincare with Parachute Naturalz Nourishes Skin: Works

wonder on your skin when used as a moisturizer. The oil reaches deep into the

skin nourishing from within without feeling greasy or sticky. Makeup Remover:

Parachute Naturalz Virgin Coconut oil works great as an oil-based cleanser and

easily removes even the toughest of makeup. Natural properties of the oil also

help in preventing breakouts. Natural Lip Balm: Mix it in your lip balm or

simply dab some drops on your lips, both ways the oil provides amazing

results. It hydrates the chapped lips leaving them soft and moisturized. Read

more Healthy and Shiny Hair, Thanks to Parachute Naturalz Massage Oil: Relieve

stress with Parachute Naturalz, massaging coconut oil in your hair and scalp

improves blood circulation and keeps you relaxed. Adding to it, vitamins and

essential fatty acids found in coconut oil dedicate to hair health. Hair Mask:

Using coconut oil as a hair mask can stimulate the growth and thickness of

hair. It conditions dry and damaged hair and protects from environmental

damage. Natural Hair Shiner: Tame your frizzy and damaged hair with Parachute

Naturalz Virgin Coconut oil, take a few drops of oil on your palm and lightly

pat on hair. Voila! Your hair shines like you just stepped out of salon.

Soothing fragrance of oil will keep you amazed all day long. Read more Cooking

is Delightful and Healthy with Naturalz Virgin Coconut Oil Baked Aromatic:

Delightful substitute for butter and other oils, Virgin Coconut oil is a sweet

and light addition to your baking. It gives a sweet mild flavor and aroma to

your desserts and is good for health too. Deep Fry Your Meal: Parachute

Naturalz Virgin Coconut oil can withstand higher temperatures and still does

not lose its nutrient value. Hence is great for deep frying and is delicious

to eat too. Salad Dressing: Contains MCTs, which makes it easy to digest and

helps boost energy level. So, pour some Virgin Coconut oil on your salads to

intensify the taste and aroma. Read more Simply Delicious Method: Take 3 red

chillies, lemongrass, shallots, red pepper, coriander stalk, ginger, garlic

cloves, ground pepper and ground coriander. Zest a lime. Whizz the ingredients

in a food processor and create a paste. Set aside.Marinate the tofu in 2 tbsp

soy sauce, juice 1 lime and 1 chopped chilli.Pour 1 tbsp of Parachute Virgin

Coconut Oil in a large pan. Add 3-4 tbsp paste and fry for 2 mins. Stir in the

coconut milk with 100ml water, the courgette, aubergine and remaining pepper

and cook for 10 mins until almost tender.Drain the tofu, pat dry, then fry in

remaining 1 tbsp Parachute Virgin Coconut Oil in a small pan until golden.Add

the mushrooms, sugar snaps and most of the basil to the curry, then season

with the sugar, remaining lime juice and soy sauce. Cook for 4 mins until the

mushrooms are tender, then add the tofu and heat through. Scatter with

remaining chilli (sliced or chopped) and basil and serve with jasmine rice.