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Minimum Order $50 & Get 10% Off (Use Code: GET10) or Minimum Order $100 & Get 20% Off (Use Code: GET20)

Visit and Apply SUPERSKIN10 for Extra 10% Off!!

Ziyad Falafel Mix 12 Oz

by Ziyad
SKU SOI-03553
  • PREFERRED CHOICE by families and restaurants for its authentic ingredients and delicious flavor. Its vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, wheat-free, and egg-free.
  • WHOLESOME INGREDIENTS: Ground chickpeas, ground fava beans, fragrant spices, minced onion, garlic, baking soda (for crunch), salt, and sesame seeds.
  • EASY TO MAKE: Just add water, shape, and fry/bake. Each falafel will have a delicate crunch and consistent flavor throughout.
  • VERSATILE: Traditionally served in a pita or on a bed of crisp lettuce, fresh herbs, and a drizzle of Ziyad Tahini or as an appetizer with Ziyad Brand Hummus. Take it even further by making veggie chili, chicken strips, or falafel waffles in a waffle iron.

Cultivating the Culture of Food for the Generations to

Come No company has played a greater role to preserve the beloved foods of the

Middle East and Mediterranean than Ziyad Brothers Importing. For over fifty

years our family has traveled far and wide to rediscover these cherished foods

to reconnect them to your family. From heirloom ingredients to newly

discovered flavors to trusted brands, this bond from our family to yours has

helped grow vibrant communities through food, building a foundation of

heritage and generational values. Read more Taste the difference The mix is a

traditional Mediterranean recipe full of authentic Middle-eastern flavors. We

use a custom blend of ground chick peas, ground fava beans, spice blend,

minced onion, garlic, baking soda, salt and sesame seeds that permeate the

coarse dough, which bakes to an aromatically rich, golden brown. Read more A

healthy option This handy mix takes some of the work out of making falafel at

home, while yielding restaurant-quality resultsand did we mention its vegan,

gluten free and kosher (pareve), too? Our mix has no preservatives, or

cholesterol. Read more More than an appetizer For a fantastic meal, serve the

finished fritters in a pita or atop a bed of crisp, chopped romaine, with

fresh herbs and a generous drizzle of Ziyad tahini. You could also put

together a marvelous mezze, surrounding your falafel with Tzatziki, Hummus,

Cauliflower Tabbouleh, Dolmas, and warmed flatbread. Made fresh from the best

Middle-Eastern Ingredients All of Ziyads products are made using Middle

Eastern blends of aromatic spices great for elevating every dish. Our lines

of flavor boosters, sauces and MSG free seasoning add vibrant flavor to

grilled meats, chicken, rice, pilafs, soups, and any Arabian recipes. Were

the real deal Ziyad Brothers distributes its 1,500+ products to the countrys

largest retailers as well as local independent. Whether youre enjoying our

products for the first time or youre a longtime Ziyad customer, we provide

the authenticity You crave. Read more